Market Freedom Alliance is a 501 (c) 4, non-profit established to promote the common good and general welfare of the people of Arizona.


Market Freedom Alliance understands the fundamental principle that Arizona businesses must first thrive and succeed before society’s service demands on government can be adequately met.
Without a thriving and successful business community, Arizona’s key government sectors suffer.

The 21st century's political will has led to massive growth of government bureaucracy placing an ever increasing financial demand and burden on its citizens.
Deficit spending has amassed trillions of dollars of federal debt creating large fiscal burdens for future generations, and a significant problem for today's small businesses when interest rates increase.

Health care mandates, restrictive regulatory policies, and increased taxes all place a high cost on individuals to create and deliver goods and services.

History has proven when governments are less restrictive, operate efficiently, and provide opportunities for business owners to re-invest their profits and grow their bottom line, everyone wins.
A rising tide does indeed lift all boats.

Market Freedom Alliance advocates for smaller, more efficient government and for more individual freedom allowing business owners greater capacity to succeed in business.
“We believe that no power of government is as formidable a force for good as the creativity and entrepreneurial drive of the American people.” – President Ronald Reagan


Competition – WE BELIEVE the individual’s competitive spirit should be challenged and nurtured so the best and brightest minds create the most effective and efficient products and services.

Free Market – WE BELIEVE that consumers should dictate the demand of goods and services with little government interference outside guidelines to lawfully execute exchanges.
Trade – WE BELIEVE Arizona’s creators of goods and services should be able to exchange those goods and services for value within and outside the United States of America.
Entrepreneurship – WE BELIEVE the entrepreneur lies at the core of Arizona's success.


Market Freedom Alliance will educate Arizona citizens on public policy initiatives impacting individuals and businesses, and advocate for policies that promote and foster business growth.