Oppose Communist China

Petition Summary and Background

The Communist Chinese government has long subsidized manufacturing with state-run industries then dumped their products in mass quantities onto the world market below market prices to unfairly skew market forces in their favor.

In recent years, the Communist Chinese have subsidized the manufacturing of solar panels then dumped those panels on the world market, undercutting American and European manufacturers’ ability to compete.  After a thorough review of China’s policies, the U.S. Dept. of Commerce and the European Union placed high tariffs on the importation and sale of Chinese solar panels in an effort to level the playing field. Unfortunately, not everyone is affected equally. 

American solar installers like SolarCity and SunRun benefit greatly from having the cheapest product flooding the market – and Communist China provides them that opportunity without the Department of Commerce and the EU’s tariffs.  American solar manufacturers like Arizona’s own First Solar, with their worldwide HQ in Tempe, are the ones who stand to lose the most when forced to compete with below market prices for their product.  American manufacturers like First Solar would eventually be put out of business by the Chinese government, but companies like SolarCity and SunRun remain regardless. 

We need your support to keep the Department of Commerce’s anti-dumping penalties in place, so our American producers can compete on a level playing field, saving Arizona jobs.

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We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our AZ legislative leaders to tell Obama’s Department of Commerce to stop the Communist Chinese from subsidizing manufacturing with government entities and dumping those products on the world market below fair market value.