Justin Olson - Congressional Candidate District 5

June 27, 2016

Smaller government, less spending, and lower taxes are three platforms that Justin Olson has focused on since he first ran for the State Legislature 5 years ago. Since then he has served in the House of Representatives for LD 25 as well as Federalism and Fiscal Responsibility (Chair), Appropriations (Vice-Chair), and the Ways and Means Committees. Now he is running for Congress in District 5. Watch our full interview to hear about his campaign, his time in office, and his plans for Arizona's future. 

For more information about Justin Olson, visit his website at www.votejustinolson.com

Justin Olson is a Congressional District 5 Candidate. He is running against: Andy Biggs, Christine Jones, Don Stapley, Talia Fuentes ( D ), and Kinsey Remaklus ( D ).  

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