The Final Freedom Report of the 2015 Session

April 3, 2015

Friday, April 3, 2015

Sine Die – latin “without a day” came at 3:37 AM today ending the First Regular Session of the 52nd Arizona Legislature in 82 days, the shortest session in 5 decades.  

Market Freedom Alliance is VERY pleased with the results.  

First, Republican legislative leaders & Governor Doug Ducey deserve great kudos for producing a structurally sound and balanced budget very early in the session.  Knowing how the state will spend its money in coming years provides greater certainty for businesses.  No new taxes, and more K-12 spending are the hallmarks of Governor Ducey’s first budget.

Second, Congrats are in order to MFA’s President, Chuck Schmidt.  Chuck was appointed by Governor Ducey to the State School Board recently and confirmed by Sen. Kelli Ward’s Education Committee and the entire Senate this week!  Congrats Chuck!  We know you will represent us well.  

Finally, a number of Market Freedom Alliance’s priority bills supporting free markets passed the Arizona Legislature this session and were transmitted to the Governor for his signature.

Below is the final update on our MFA prioirty bills.  A special thanks to all those in LDs, County Parties, and Tea Party Patriots who offered support directly to your legislators on these important solutions.

Arizona has more freedom and less government because of your efforts this session.

We wish you the very best Good Friday, and Easter & Passover weekend.  

Bills Supporting

*HB 2001 – income tax brackets; index to inflation (Appropriations Chairman, Justin Olson LD 25)

Signed by Governor Ducey on Monday, March 30!

*HB 2213 – inspections; opportunity to correct (Commerce Chairman, Warren Petersen LD 12)

NFIB’s key bill this session, it was signed by Governor Ducey on Thursday, April 2!

HB2254 – 
municipal tax exemption; residential lease (Ways and Means Chairman, Darin Mitchell LD 13)

Didn’t get where it needed to be.  Next year.

*HB2347 – unemployment insurance; base period notices (Chairman Insurance, Karen Fann LD 1)

Transmitted to the Governor on Monday, March 30.

*HB2643 – sovereign authority; affordable care act (Chairman Appropriations, Justin Olson LD 25)

Passed House final read yesterday & passed the Senate 16-10 sometime after midnight.

*SB 1030 – 
microbreweries; multiple licenses; production; sales (Education Chairman, Kelli Ward LD 5)

Signed by Governor Ducey, Tuesday, March 31!

*SB 1241 – AHCCCS; contractors; providers – strike everything amendment (Senator Nancy Barton, LD 15)

Transmitted to the Governor Thursday, April 2.

SB 1403 – consumer lawsuit loans; prohibition (Chairman Commerce & Workforce Development, Kim Yee LD 20)

Did not get where it needed to be…next year.

*SB 1465 – 
distributed energy generation systems; disclosure (Finance Chairman, Debbie Lesko LD 21)

Signed by Governor Ducey on Monday, March 30!  Thank you Senator Debbie Lesko for leading the fight!

*SCR 1001 – clean elections repeal; education funding (Chairman Natural Resources, Steve Pierce LD 1)Failed on a final vote in the House, April 3, 2015 – 29 Y 27 N 4 NV.