Small Business Spotlight – Abrams Airborne Manufacturing Inc.

December 16, 2015

“The history of Abrams Airborne Manufacturing, Inc. is more than an explanation about past events; it is a true demonstration of the “American Dream” that after decades is still engrained into the core of the business.”

When you arrive at Abram Airborne Manufacturing you see an unassuming building in Tucson, Arizona. Most residents drive by it without ever knowing the amazing story of a family run business changing the world. We were honored to join the NRA’s Women’s Leadership Forum on an exclusive tour inside this 49 year old example of the importance of small businesses to Arizona and America as a whole.

          Calley Carpenter of AAM (Left) with Judi White of the NRA’s Women’s Leadership Forum (Right) 

You might be suprised to learn that this Arizona business is leading the way in several diverse frontiers such as aerospace & defense, weapons systems, commercial & medical, and military technologies. However despite their cutting-edge developments they still face the same struggles as any small business. Legislative restrictions as well as crony capitalism makes doing business harder and harder. It serves as an important reminder that all small businesses in our State, from the fledgling start-up to the seasoned veterans, need our continued support. It is up to us as Arizona citizens to ensure that our State be a prosperous place that encourages the entrepreneurial spirit and the American dream.

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