November 26, 2014
No Crony Capitalism Blog
Market Freedom Alliance

The federal and state election season is now fully in the rear view mirror and the holiday season is just about to kick-off with a bang. 

With the holiday season comes a time of reflection, and thankfulness.

At Market Freedom Alliance there are a few things we are most thankful for, and the first is the results of the recent elections in Arizona and across the country.

For markets to truly work freely, government must not act as a hindrance or an unfair proponent of one industry over another.

Generally speaking, Republicans have adhered to philosophies that enhance free market activity. 

Therefore, we are excited about the recent election results, and have the greatest hope that Republican majorities in Arizona and in the U.S. Congress will lead to a greater amount of free market activity.

Additionally, we are thankful for the growth of our free market grassroots organization in Arizona, but we still need your help!

We are preparing to send strong free market messages this coming Legislative session, and we cannot do it without you.

We need volunteers in all areas of Arizona.  Contact us directly to be added to our growing list of MFA Captains!

Additionally, we currently have two petitions online that need your signature – one against Communist China’s subsidization of industry and international, world-market dumping policies, and one to stop minimum wage increases. 

Visit us at https://marketfreedomalliance.comm/take-action/oppose-communist-china, and sign our petitions today.

Have a wonderful, free-market-loving Thanksgiving!