February 26, 2015
Market Freedom Alliance

for the week of February 23

The Freedom Report is Market Freedom Alliance’s weekly report to grassroots activists on free market oriented legislation we are supporting, opposing or watching make its way through the Arizona Legislature.


Join us each Friday during the legislative session at 10 AM for “The Freedom Call,” your opportunity to get updates on these bills, and more!  

To participate in Friday’s FREEDOM CALL – Dial (712) 775-7031, then type: 421-127-730#

Note standing of bill denoted is last action taken.  Will update every week through session.  The prime sponsor of each bill is noted in parentheses.  

Bills Supporting 

HB 2001 – income tax brackets; index to inflation (Appropriations Chairman, Justin Olson LD 25)

First & Second Read in Senate 02.23 & 02.24 – Assigned to Senate Finance and Rules 02.23

HB 2213 – inspections; opportunity to correct (Commerce Chairman, Warren Petersen LD 12)

Transmitted to Senate 02/09/2015 – Passed House Third Read 37-21-2

 – municipal tax exemption; residential lease (Ways and Means Chairman, Darin Mitchell LD 13)

Passed Ways and Means on 02/02/15 – 5-4.  This bill has been Retained on Calendar.  If you live in LDs 1, 2, 8, 16, 17, 20 or 23, we need your help!  Please email your respective legislator(s) below, and ask them to vote for HB 2254 on the House floor.

Target legislators: 

Michelle Ugenti – LD 23 [email protected]
Jay Lawrence – LD 23   [email protected]
Paul Boyer – LD 20       [email protected]
Doug Coleman – LD 16 [email protected]
Jeff Weninger – LD 17   [email protected]
Noel Campbell – LD 1    [email protected]
John Ackerly – LD 2       [email protected]
T.J. Shope – LD 8          [email protected]

HB2347 – unemployment insurance; base period notices (Chairman Insurance, Karen Fann LD 1)

Passed House Insurance on 02/04/15 – 8-0.  Passed House 60-0, transmitted to Senate.  Senate First Read 02.25 & assigned to Senate Commerce and Workforce Development and Senate Rules 02.25.

HB2643 – sovereign authority; affordable care act (Chairman Appropriations, Justin Olson LD 25)

Passed Federalism and State’s Rights 02/18/15 – 4-3.

SB 1030
 – microbreweries; multiple licenses; production; sales (Education Chairman, Kelli Ward LD 5)

Passed Senate Commerce and Workforce Development 02/09/15 by vote of 6-2. Held in Senate Rules.

SB 1465 – distributed energy generation systems; disclosure (Finance Chairman, Debbie Lesko LD 21)

Passed Water & Energy on 02/09/15 – 7-0.

SCR 1001 – clean elections repeal; education funding (Chairman Natural Resources, Steve Pierce LD 1)Passed Senate Judiciary 02/19/15 – 4-3.  Senate Rules PFC.

Bills Opposing

None at this time

Ones to Watch
SB 1437 – Pulled in committee by author 02/09/15.