Market Freedom Alliance 2016 Candidate Questionnaire

Section 1: Biography

Name: Andy Biggs
Specific office running for (include district): Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District
Address: 1234 S. Power Rd. Suite 251 Mesa, AZ 85296
Campaign Phone: (602) 726-2013
Campaign E-Mail: [email protected]
Campaign Website:
Twitter handle: @andybiggs4az
Facebook address:
Youtube channel: Andy Biggs
Occupation: President, Arizona State Senate
President & CEO, Free Man Press
Previous occupations: Attorney at Law
Education: Brigham Young University - B.A. Asian Studies
Arizona State University - M.A. Political Science
University of Arizona - J.D. Degree
Family: Married to Cindy Biggs (35 years) , six children and four grandchildren
What is your party registration and how long have you been registered as a member of that party:
Republican Party, life (40 years)
Previous public offices you've sought/held: Arizona State House, LD 22 (2003 - 2010)
Arizona State Senate, LD 12 (2011 - present)
Are you using public funds in your campaign: No

Section 2: Getting to know you

1. If you could sum up your platform with three key issues, what would they be:
- Dismantle the regulatory bureaucracy
- Reduce the tax burden
- Restores power back to the states

2. Name one achievement, either professionally or personally, which you are most proud of:
- I am proudest of my family. The best thing in the world is to be married and have children and
grandchildren. Outside of that, I love being able to have written a couple of books.

3. What are your thoughts on the current Presidential election:
- Supporting our Republican Party nominee, 100%.

Section 3: ISSUES

1.What are your thoughts on Arizona’s sharing economy, specifically, do you believe that it needs more 
regulation or less regulation: 
- The sharing economy needs less regulation.

2. What are your views on companies like Uber and Lyft? Do you think there is merit in the argument that 
commercial hotels and car services are making that the sharing economy needs more regulation:
- I support the sharing economy. I believe the regulated established businesses have a fair argument. I
have proposed reducing the regulation on the established regulated businesses so that they too have less
regulation and can innovate the way their business in the way the sharing economy can.

3. Name two areas where you believe there is too much Government regulation (either on a state or
federal level):
- Department of Education
- Environmental Protection Agency

4. Do you believe that crony capitalism is a problem in Arizona? If so, how would you change that:
- I believe crony capitalism is a problem in Arizona. I have fought to eliminate the Arizona Competes
Fund, which transfers taxpayer money to businesses.

5. Recently, many companies have left Arizona citing the lack of an employable workforce. Do you see
this to be a true problem in Arizona and if so, what do you think can be done to fix it:
- We need to improve our education system, be more innovative and work with businesses to find out
what training they believe is necessary for Arizona to have an employable workforce. I have met with
many business leaders and many of them are very pleased with our high tech and engineering workforce
that is available.

6. Subsidies have become prevalent in our economy, often times artificially supporting an entire industry
for extended periods of time. What are your views on subsidies:
- I have a 14 year track record of fighting government subsidies and transfer of taxpayer money to support

7. Is there an Arizona industry which you believe relies too much on subsides:
- I think that some of the jobs training programs for large industries paid for Arizona taxpayers is
unjustified. One of the most attempts that we see regularly is to subsidize the film industry.

8. Do you think that Arizona should lower its corporate property tax with the goal of encouraging new
businesses to move here? If so, what do you think the new rate should be:
- Arizona should revamp its entire state tax code by eliminating the personal and corporate income tax,
and moving to a consumption tax.

For more information on Senator Biggs, visit his website at 

Andy Biggs is a Congressional District 5 Candidate. He is running against: Justin Olson, Christine Jones, 
Don Stapley, Talia Fuentes ( D ), and Kinsey Remaklus ( D ).