Section 1: Biography

Name: Paul Boyer

Specific office running for (include district): State Representative, Legislative District 20 (Glendale/North Phoenix)

Address: Phoenix, AZ 85080

Campaign Phone: 480-577-0078

Campaign E-Mail: [email protected]

Campaign Website:

Twitter handle:

Facebook address:

Youtube channel:

Occupation: Teacher, Humane Letters

Previous occupations: Instructor; Communications Specialist; Legislative Liaison; Editor-in-Chief

Education: Communication Studies, M.A. Arizona State University West 2011; English, B.A.,
Arizona State University West 2003; Associates, Calvary Chapel Bible College, 1998;
high school diploma, Pusch Ridge Christian Academy, 1995.

Family: Elizabeth, wife; Fred & Sharon Boyer, parents

What is your party registration and how long have you been registered as a member of that party: Republican since age 18

Previous public offices you’ve sought/held: State Representative, 2013-2014; 2015-2016
Clubs/Organizations you currently belong to: Childhelp board member; Arizona Correctional Industries board member

Are you using public funds in your campaign: No

Section 2: Getting to know you

If you could sum up your platform with three key issues, what would they be: 

Public Safety, Education, Fiscal Stability

Name one achievement, either professionally or personally, which you are most proud of: 

Getting ongoing funding to hire more investigators for the Internet Crimes Against Children task force to help rescue children from rape, torture, and abuse. For more info, see here –

What are your thoughts on the current Presidential election:

Not much. I don’t like Clinton or Trump.

Section 3: Issues

1. What are your thoughts on Arizona’s sharing economy, specifically, do you believe that it needs more regulation or less regulation:

I voted in support of the sharing economy bills and believe we need less regulation wherever possible.

2. What are your views on companies like Uber and Lyft? Do you think there is merit in the argument that commercial hotels and car services are making saying that Air B&B and Uber must abide by the same legislation they have to:  

I’m a big fan of Uber and Lyft and no I don’t think there’s much merit to the arguments commercial hotels and car services are making.

3. Name two areas where you believe there is too much Government regulation (either on a state or federal level): 

Education on a state and federal level. Licensing – mostly federal. We made good progress in reducing licensing regulations as a state this past legislative session.

4. Do you believe that crony capitalism is a problem in Arizona? If so, how would you change that:

Yes. Continue to vote No on tax breaks for particular businesses or industries.

5. Recently, many companies have left Arizona citing the lack of an employable workforce. Do you see this to be a true problem in Arizona and if so, what do you think can be done to fix it: 

Yes, this is a problem. Find a better way to connect potential employees with employers. Arizona has a solid university system and many excellent K12 schools. This means we have to do a better job at talking up Arizona. We sometimes have a perception problem with our education system when the reality is we have many excellent schools turning out highly qualified candidates.

6. Subsidies have become prevalent in our economy, often times artificially supporting an entire industry for extended periods of time. What are your views on subsidies:

I oppose them.

7. Is there an Arizona industry which you believe relies too much on subsides: 

Yes, Solar.

8.  Do you think that Arizona should lower its corporate property tax with the goal of encouraging new businesses to move here? If so, what do you think the new rate should be:

I’d like to see the impact of the current phase down before considering an additional rate decrease.