August 11, 2016

Market Freedom Alliance 2016 Candidate Questionnaire

Section 1: Biography

Name: AZ Representative Bob Thorpe

Specific office running for (include district): State House LD-6

Address: 490 Lake Mary Rd, Flagstaff 86005

Campaign Phone: 928-310-8811

Campaign E-Mail: [email protected]

Campaign Website:

Twitter handle: @azrepbobthorpe

Occupation: State Representative, residential remodel

Previous occupations: Price Waterhouse accounting, Walt Disney, aerospace, software industry and IT, UCLA Ext. instructor, K-12 public education, Firefighter EMT,

Education: B.A. Liberal Arts

Family: married with a daughter and son

What is your party registration and how long have you been registered as a member of that party: Republican for 41 years

Previous public offices you’ve sought/held: State Representative for 4 years

Clubs/Organizations you currently belong to: GOP

Are you using public funds in your campaign: Y/N N

Section 2: Getting to know you

  1. If you could sum up your platform with three key issues, what would they be: growing AZ jobs and economy, improving choice in affordable effective education, protecting and increasing state’s rights
  2. Name one achievement, either professionally or personally, which you are most proud of: my family and my business and political experiences
  3. What are your thoughts on the current Presidential election : I support my party’s candidate

Section 3: ISSUES

1. What are your thoughts on Arizona’s sharing economy, specifically, do you believe that it needs more regulation or less regulation: less regulation, AZ needs more job creators and expanded economy

2. What are your views on companies like Uber and Lyft? Do you think there is merit in the argument that commercial hotels and car services are making that the sharing economy needs more regulation: less regulation, I support creative business models like Uber and Lyft

3. Name two areas where you believe there is too much Government regulation (either on a state or federal level): federal control over AZ lands (only 17% in private hands and generating taxes for education and local government) and federal regulation on healthcare and education

4. Do you believe that crony capitalism is a problem in Arizona? If so, how would you change that: we need an open economy where all businesses are treated equally

5. Recently, many companies have left Arizona citing the lack of an employable workforce. Do you see this to be a true problem in Arizona and if so, what do you think can be done to fix it: I do not fully believe this argument, however we must hold AZ K-12 education responsible for producing quality graduates who are fully prepared for higher education and employment

6. Subsidies have become prevalent in our economy, often times artificially supporting an entire industry for extended periods of time. What are your views on subsidies: I do not support subsidies, I believe that we need to have low taxes and regulations and give our businesses the best environment where they can compete and be successful

7. Is there an Arizona industry which you believe relies too much on subsides: not at the state level

8.  Do you think that Arizona should lower its corporate property tax with the goal of encouraging new businesses to move here? If so, what do you think the new rate should be: I would like to eliminate all personal and business property and income taxes and switch to consumption (sales, TPT) taxes instead

To learn more about Bob Thorpe visit his website at

Bob Thorpe is a LD 6 House Candidate. He is running against: Brenda Barton, and Alex Martinez ( D )